On September 16, 2003, we released our debut album, Page Avenue. It was an album that changed our lives; an album that kickstarted a decade of making music, traveling, and most importantly, sharing our music with countless people all around the world. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that our band; 5 guys from working class midwest families, would one day be on MTV, headline the Warped Tour, or help define a genre and inspire so many bands. We just played music because we absolutely loved it. It's just what we did. 

To paraphrase the great Dave Grohl, there is this magical "thing" that happens when a band has officially broken. When the anxiety of playing to an empty room is replaced with the sheer exhilaration of playing to a sold out audience. When you start talking to managers more than your wife. When you go to a mall to buy fucking socks and people recognize you. It's the storm after the calm, and we lived it. We are among the luckiest people in the world because we know. We know how amazing life can be when you spend every hour of every day doing what you love, on your own terms. We found ourselves living out of suitcases, in tour buses and hotel rooms, going a mile a minute from the adrenaline of being on stage any given night. We found ourselves standing on the Great Wall of China and wandering the streets of Tokyo. Instead of delivering pizza we were driving snowmobiles on glaciers in Alaska and petting kangaroos in Australia. All because of this little collection of songs called Page Avenue. It has been a beautiful ride, and we will forever be thankful. 


In conjunction with the tour, we will be releasing "PAGE AVENUE: 10 Years and Counting", a full acoustic re-imagining of Page Avenue. It's borderline inappropriate to call it an acoustic record, because it's so much more than that. We recorded the album with acoustic guitars, pianos, crazy big drums and really cool, artistic programming and arrangements. It's a really cool take on these songs that mean so much to us.

If you want to support 4 hardworking dudes that never say die, go to iTunes and buy this album. The money from "Ten Years and Counting" goes directly to the band, and not to a music company or record label. We are doing this ourselves- working class musicians keeping the SOTY torch burning. Buying this album is a vote for us to continue making music- we appreciate it!